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Kissing The Blarney Stone

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Lean backwards and hold onto railings for a proper smooch of the Blarney Stone and get gifts of eloquence and persuasiveness, or so the Irish legend goes. This major tourist attraction has many people travelling worldwide to land a peck for what some believe to be a myth. Even former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill visited the legendary stone in 1912, eighteen years before his appointment, so who’s to say Irish mythology isn’t real?

The Blarney Castle

There are so many accounts in Irish folklore to back up the myth of Blarney. One says the stone was a “gesture of gratitude” the Scottish King, Robert the Bruce, gave Cormac Ladir McCarthy for sending 500 men to aid him in the Battle of Bannockburn. Another says its magical power began after Cormac Teige McCarthy successfully eluded the Queen of England’s request for his lands with flattery.

Contrary to popular belief, the Blarney Stone is for kissing, not peeing. This rumour supposedly began with locals trying to get at tourists by taunting them with descriptions of how they had peed on the stone just the day before. There’s no way they would pay a fee, climb 114 stairs and get past the guards to do such a thing.


Kissing the Blarney Stone is essential to tick off your Ireland bucket list. Whether you’re in the law profession or a fantastic businessman, the gift of gab – the ability to deceive without offending – can come in handy. This exceptional Irish tradition might be what you need if you believe in myths.