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Comhairle Bheal

Comhairle Bheal

Comhairle Bheal

Ireland has a rich heritage of folklore, poetry and traditional Irish music. The country might produce some big names in the music industry, but nothing beats keeping in touch with our traditions. The Music Festival of Ireland (Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann) sees more than 400,000 attendees every year, with many people flocking to the Emerald Aisle to bask in 2,000-year-old traditions. Like mythology, music started as an oral tradition that was passed down from one generation to the next by listening and learning. There were no formal tunes in those days.

Comhairle Bheal has discovered that traditional Irish music arrived in the country with the Celts. They were influenced by music from the East, and it’s thought that even the traditional Irish harp first came from Egypt.

Folklore of Ireland Council

The team here at Comhairle Bheal spend our days searching and researching all the great Irish myths, fables, music and creatures to bring you a site that’s overflowing with tradition and culture.

We want to keep mythology alive. We’re not just talking about fairies and leprechauns, but incredible tunes, tales of noblemen and creative stories that would be passed down between generations for hundreds of years. We even want to regale you with stories of shamrocks!

Ireland's Iconic Symbol

Over time, most people in Ireland have thought that shamrocks hold a greater purpose or meaning. Some believe they’re scared. Others are convinced they keep evil at bay. Legend has it that even Saint Patrick used the shamrock as an idea of a holy trinity.

Speaking of Saint Patrick, the man himself is well celebrated in the land for the good he accomplished. He banished snakes from the country. Is it true? Or is it a fact that the Irish climate just cannot accommodate snakes? You’ll find all this and more on this page.

Comhairle Bheal

Warriors, Kings, Queens And Fairies

From Irish myths and legends starring Cu Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhaill to terrifying tales from bygone eras, you’ll find it all on our website. Irish mythology boasts a rich variety of stories and tales, most of which continue to stand the test of time. On this website, we’ll give you insight into where the myths came from and why they still play a part in our culture.

Comhairle Bheal is dedicated to Irish Folklore myths, legends and music. Poetry and prose. Stories and fables. You’ll discover it all right here. Best of all, you can keep these legends alive by passing them down to your children and their children. After all, it’s a big part of Irish culture.