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The Irish Legends And Myths You’ve Never Heard

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The Irish Legends And Myths You’ve Never Heard

There are plenty of popular Irish Folklore tales out there. From leprechauns and banshees to shamrocks, you’ve heard them all. But what about the lesser-talked-about Irish legends and myths? There’s more to mythology than little green men and 3-leafed, well, leaves. Keep reading to discover some of the myths you might have never heard.

Let’s start with the abhartach. These lonely sorcerer dwarfs have the power to rise up from their graves and cause havoc on the undead. The only way to beat them is to kill them with a yew-wood sword and, we’re told, to bury them upside down.

Cooley Cattle Raid

This one involves Cu Chulainn the warrior. It all starts with Queen Medb who argues with her husband over which of them is wealthier. So, as one does, they had their servants pile up their riches side by side. Medb’s husband had a bull and she didn’t.

According to Irish legends and myths, Medb knew of one bull in the country that would help her out rich her husband. She sent her servant to offer the owner great riches in exchange for loaning the bull. He almost agreed, when he heard the servants say they’d steal the bull anyway. Medb was enraged at the denial of the request and war broke out, involving a youngster called Cu Chulainn.

Great Irish Legends and Myths

Then there’s the far darrig, a supernatural being who’s apparently closely related to leprechauns. They have long snouts and skinny tails and it’s thought that they’re the stuff that nightmares are made of.

  • They’re called “red men.”
  • They wear red caps and coats.
  • The replace babies for changelings.

Myth or Fact? You Decide

Were there really little red men, crazed wives and miniature sorcerers? It’s all part of our culture. These are stories that have been passed down for centuries. True or not, they’re an important part of Irish folklore and heritage.

Just like the shape-shifting Puca that can change its appearance with ease, so too do we like to flit in and out of enticing tales and intriguing characters. Does it really matter if they’re myth, legend or fact? We don’t think so, as long as we keep the tales going.