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The Most Famous Mythical Legends

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A Leprechaun laughing

Storytelling and Irish mythology have been a part of Ireland’s culture. It has been incorporated in numerous songs and tales passed on from generation to generation. You may have heard of many famous myths and legends, but we focused on the top two famous Irish legends.

The Famous Little Leprechauns

Probably the most famous little people are the leprechauns, also known as Leath bhrogan, meaning shoemaker. Once you see a leprechaun, you immediately think of Irish people. It is believed that leprechauns have long existed even before humans ever lived. They usually have ginger hair and wear a tall green hat.

The most famous myth about these leprechauns is that they have a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you’re lucky to reach the end of the rainbow, you might get your hands on their gold. Be cautious, however, as they are not always friendly and they can never be trusted.

The National Icon Harp

The harp has become the national symbol or an iconic symbol of Ireland and has been used in folk music and mythical legends. It was brought by an ancient race called the Tuatha De Dannan. However, it is said that evil gods took the harp and caused sadness across Ireland.